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Missing the Recent Past

This year will mark two years since I graduated college. Despite graduation feeling like the resolution following the climax of the movie with the bad guy defeated and the cast living happily ever after, time continued to move forward. While in college, I studied Japanese to fulfill my degree’s language requirements. In my Japanese 101 class I met a few classmates who were as weirded out as I was by the general clownery that some of the other students engaged in, and we started studying together....

A Post About Nothing

My favorite thing to do is nothing. Just sitting idle, observing the environment (or more likely, my apartment wall). It’s fun. I just get to think. Like David Puddy on a 16 hour flight. The world requires constant attention these days, so don’t forget to take a break.

Elon Musk's Twitter

So that’s it. Twitter reached a deal with Elon Musk. There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said. I want to believe Musk will make improvements, but I think whatever improvements he makes will please the wrong crowd of people. Twitter has a monopoly on the type of platform it provides, which puts him in a unique position of power, especially with all the fuss US lawmakers have been making about free speech on Twitter and elsewhere online....


Welcome to my new site! This project was born out of stumbling upon the Yesterweb community and my need to split off my “““professional””” real-name website from my personal, hobby-oriented one. It is still very much under construction (probably perpetually) but I wanted to get something online. This website is built in Go and exists as a single binary on my webserver, inspired by Jes Olson’s post my website is one binary🔗....

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