I write code and occasionally blog posts.


Here are some projects I’m currently working on or have worked on in the past.

32-Bit Cafe

I run a few services for the amazing folks over at the 32-Bit Cafe🔗.

  • RSS reader🔗: an instance of the FreshRSS feed reader to provide an easy to use entry point for community members looking to get started with RSS.
  • Discussion boards: An instance of postmill used to share interesting links and resources to the community.
  • Discuss bot: A Discord bot that sends new posts from the discussion boards to a channel in the Discord server.
  • Discourse🔗: The postmill instance has been phased out in favor of a Discourse forum. It has been awesome building this up with everyone and seeing the enthusiasm for a second primary space for the community.



  • Pynex: A terminal browser for m15o’s nex protocol.
  • lox-interpreter: Source code as I’m working through Robert Nystrom’s excellent Crafting Interpeters.
  • yqsh: A toy shell written in C to learn Linux systems programming.
  • weatherbar: A cli application to get current weather conditions, for use in status bar programs like i3bar, waybar, etc.