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Vim Tips


General Tips

  • vim -p file1 file2 to open multiple files as tabs
  • :qa to quit out of all open buffers
  • :Ex to return to netrw (file explorer)


  • :term to open a terminal in current window
  • Use i to enter insert mode and type into the shell
  • <C-\><C-n> to return to normal mode to allow scrolling or switching windows
    • I’ve remapped this to <C-space>


  • <C-w> prefixes all window commands
  • <C-w> + h,j,k,l to focus window to left, bottom, up, right, respectively
  • <C-w>s to split current window horizontally, equivalent to :split
  • <C-w>v to split current window vertically, equivalent to :vs


  • "c before a command, where c is the register to store the text
  • Use capital letter to append to the register, e.g. "C


  • Press qc to start recording, where c is the register to store the macro
  • Stop recording with q
  • Replay the macro with @c